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Delayed Treatment? Here’s What to Do

When you work as a doctor, your everyday decisions can impact your patients for the rest of their lives. Most professions allow for small slip-ups every once in a while when on the job, but this is not really true with doctors. If you went to the doctor’s office and they were unable to give you a correct diagnosis, this could impact you for the rest of your life. In the worst scenarios, it could even shorten it. I recently began to wonder what I would do if I found myself in a situation like that. My kids have to do physical exams with the doctor every year so they can play sports during the school year. I want the doctors to be on their A game and not miss anything that could cause an issue while they’re training. If they did mess up, I wanted to know what my plan of recourse would be. I found some good information on the website for McCutchen & Sexton – The Law Firm. They are Fort Smith delayed treatment lawyers, meaning that at their firm, they work with people who have been affected by misdiagnosis and delayed treatment in the Fort Smith area. For years they’ve been helping people take good legal recourse when a doctor has caused them harm. They know what’s relevant in deciding a delayed treatment case.

If you attempt to sue a doctor for wrongful diagnosis, it’s your job to show a judge or a jury that your doctor was negligent towards you. In order to be considered negligent, a doctor will have done something that is vastly different from how a normal, reasonable doctor would have acted. When you go in for an appointment, normal doctor protocol is that doctors should perform an initial evaluation of a patient and make a list of all the potential ailments. From this point on, doctors will perform tests in order to make that list more narrow. They may at this point send you to a specialist or diagnose you and begin treatment. Sometimes this process can extend for up to several weeks. If a doctor does not put the right diagnosis down, or if their tests do not lead to a correct diagnosis, this can delay treatment for weeks, even months. This may be due to a doctor being found negligent in court.

Sometimes, you can receive money even if your doctor did everything right. There are some situations that are simply unavoidable, even if there is no human error. Maybe a machine was malfunctioning while you were using it. Sometimes lab test results are not collected or analyzed correctly. In these situations, you can receive money on behalf of the hospital itself or maybe another healthcare professional. Although, in these cases, you will need to prove that a lab worker or lab machine was not working correctly.

Each of these situations can lead to a misdiagnosis that causes delayed treatment. Delayed treatment allows treatable diseases to fester and cause you more harm than they would had they been detected early. If I or a loved one is ever misdiagnosed, I’m certainly going to hire a lawyer!

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